Voted 'Massage Therapist of The Year' in 2008 by the RMTBC, Linda (Koby) Blanchfield is one of North America's Pioneer, Dr. Vodder MLD Instructor/Therapists Read More

About Dr. Vodder's MLD

Origin of MLD

Manual lymph drainage therapy was developed spontaneously, intuitively and with extensive practical experience by Dr. Emil Vodder. He had been interested in the lymph system, for some time, before he began applying his technique, professionally. 

In 2015 Linda (Koby) Blanchfield is visiting a number of different cities to teach Dr. Vodder MLD to health care professionals world wide Read More

Dr. Vodder's MLD is covered under many extended health care plans. To book a treatment with Linda (Koby) Blanchfield or Lene Tonnisen at Cedar Hills Lymphatic & Massage Therapy Clinic...

Linda (Koby)Blanchfield has over 20 yrs experience Lecturing and Teaching. With her expertise and popular classes, her schedule fills up quickly so book today....Contact

Linda (Koby) Blanchfield Dr Vodder MLD Therapist,

Just thought I'd let you know the bruise is completely gone!  Thanks so much for
the treatments.  Sunday there was just the ghost of a bruise and Mon. it was
gone...just over 1 week from "the incident"

- Carol, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Linda (Koby) Blanchfield
Certified Instructor/Therapist Dr Vodder School

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