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  • Annual Teachers Review (16 hours/year) with Prof. Hildegard Wittlinger & Robert Harris Directors of Dr. Vodder Schools, 1996 – 2016, attended in Canada, United States, Austria
  • Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist Review (18 hours/every other year) with Prof. Hildegard Wittinger, Clinical Director, Dr. Vodder Schule, Austria, and Robert Harris, Director, Dr. Vodder School, International, 1993 – 2016, attended in Canada and the United States
  • Lymphology Winter Days, Walchsee, Austria, 2016
  • Joint Asia Pacific Lymphology/International Lymphedema Framework Conference, Darwin, Australia, 2016
  • Lymphology Summer Days, Walchsee, Austria, 2014
  • Psychological Approach in Managing Edema Patients with M Mag. Dr. Barbara K. Mösinger-Strubreither, 2014
  • Padding Materials for Bandaging with Maria Wittlinger, 2014
  • Kinesiotaping with Andreas Wittlinger, 2014
  • International Fascia Congress, Vancouver, BC, 2012
  • Wound Care, Level 1, University of Victoria, BC, 2011
  • Understanding Our Connective Tissue: Complaints After Breast Cancer Treatment, with Willem Fourie PT, Vancouver, BC, 2011
  • LeBed Method of Movement and Dance for Lymphedema Patients with Sherry LeBed, Vancouver, BC, 2009
  • Conscious Clinician, with Sara Nelson DPT, Victoria, BC, 2009
  • Kinesiotaping for Lymphedema (with Ruth Coopee, BEd, BSc, OT, St. Pete’s Beach, FL, 2003 & 2007
  • National Lymphedema Network Conference, Nashville, TN, 2006
  • Chapman’s Lymphatic Drainage Reflexes Workshop with Alan Saxon BS, DC, 2002
  • Lymphedema Vascular Screening Workshop with Luther Kloth MS, PT, Cleveland, OH, 2002
  • Compression Bandaging over Wounds Workshop with Mary Louise Kerlach RD, Cleveland, OH, 2002
  • Ultrasound and Laser Workshop with Doreen Rivers BSc Kin, Vancouver, BC, 2002
  • International Society of Lymphology Conference, Genoa, Italy, 2001
  • National Lymph Edema Network Conference with workshops, San Francisco, 1998
  • Dermatology Lecture for Massage Therapists with Dr. Brian Gregory, Burnaby, BC, 1996
  • Manual Lymph Drainage Combined Decongestive Therapy II and III with Professor Hildegard Wittinger, Clinical Director, Dr. Vodder Schule, Austria, 80 hours, 1992



Linda (Koby) Blanchfield
Certified Instructor/Therapist Dr Vodder School