Linda (Koby) Blanchfield
Certified Instructor/Therapist Dr Vodder School

Clinic:  +1.604.589.2291

" I have been receiving treatment from Koby (Linda) Blanchfield for many years.  She was recommended to me when I was diagnosed with lymphedema by one of the few BC specialists knowledgeable in this field.  Koby began my treatment with a six week intensive session of MLD and bandaging which resulted in significant edema reduction.  She recommended a compression garment which, combined with treatments at Koby's clinic, have proven effective in helping to control my lymphedema throughout the years.  I continue with treatments at her clinic which always result in edema reduction.  I have appreciated and benefited from her knowledge, compassion and skill.  Koby's expertise enriches the lymphedema community provincially, nationally and internationally."

Sincerely, Leona Towers

Surrey, BC, Canada

Patient Testimonials

Just thought I'd let you know the bruise is completely gone!  Thanks so much for
the treatments.  Sunday there was just the ghost of a bruise and Mon. it was
gone...just over 1 week from "the incident"

- Carol, New Westminster, BC, Canada

"My name is Shannon Dooling, a retired registered nurse in Surrey, B.C.  

I found myself requiring a second bilateral eye operation to detach & reattach 4 muscles only 2 years after the first.  With the initial surgery I experienced considerable swelling, redness and discomfort post operatively.  Prior to the subsequent surgery I was referred to Linda (Koby) Blanchfield by my massage therapist at the time.

From the initial phone contact to a couple weeks of clinic visits, I found Koby to be highly professional, knowledgeable, & "totally present" with me during my treatments.  She was proactive in suggesting I have a preoperative session, using teachable moments which prepared me for what to expect in our future sessions.  Koby explained everything she was doing and the rationale.  I was so impressed after surgery with the fact that I not only had minimal swelling & discomfort, but my healing time was shortened significantly.  In addition, an unexpected benefit of her manual and oral massage was a relief in my nasal congestion and asthma symptoms!  

I highly recommend lymphatic drainage massage for anyone having surgery, not just for those experiencing lymphedema.  Koby has proved herself an expert and as such I have recently referred a friend to her prior to undertaking chemotherapy.  

Thank you for making a difference in my recovery, Koby!"